23. oktoober 2006

Optimist :D

Niih, Piretil oli blogis jälle üks test. Tegin minagi selle testi ja tulemus on siin (testi teemaks oli, et kas oled optimist või pessimist):

Congratulations! You're the eternal optimist, a regular "Sunshine Day" of a person. When it rains, you think about how good the water is for the flowers and trees rather than how wet you're getting. More likely to trust someone than not, you always see the good in people. Sure, that opens you up for a few let-downs, but that's okay — your great attitude will help you deal with them if and when they come. In the long run, it doesn't really matter at all; everything's going to be all right! You like meeting new people and thoroughly enjoy their companionship. In a nutshell, you just don't dwell on small failures — you learn from your mistakes and do your best to make everyone around you happy to be alive. Keep it up!

Mis ma oskan öelda? Elu on lill!

Tänase päevaga sobib see testitulemus väga hästi, sest täna oli positiivne päev. Päris mitu meeldivat üllatust oli kohe. Ja nädalavahetus oli ka tore.

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